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Kokorosa has been around for a few years now. During these years, our team has developed thousands of cutting dies for everyday crafting, and although we are still adding new products every day, the old ones are not necessarily no longer worth getting. On the contrary, for the current market, choose some of the older cutting die is a very cost-effective choice, today I intend to take you to shop some of our discount special area. I hope you can find your favorite products in these several cost-effective areas.

$1.99 ZONE

This is currently one of the cheapest areas of our website, and rightfully so, it is one of our more cost effective discount areas. The cutting die in this area is generally smaller in size and is more suitable for card decoration to enrich the content of the card than to be the main element of the card. Personally, if I'm making a cutting die and there's nothing to decorate the card, I'll go to this section and pick a cutting die that I can see. For example, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Bird is a very beautiful bird that can be used on any other card where birds can be used, and is also very beautiful.

$2.99 ZONE

The cutting die in the $2.99 ZONE section does not account for a very large proportion of the total number, but there are more tools for sale in this section. We will consume a lot of hand-made tools when we make cutting die in our daily life, so at this time, it is very reliable and cost-effective to come directly to this website to look for your favorite products than to go through the products in the tools section directly. If you like our products more, you can actually come to our section to take a look, and you will never leave empty-handed. For example, Kokorosa Double Sided Foam Adhesive Tape - 10 Feet and Kokorosa Needle Tip Glue Bottle Applicator, which I often use when making cutting die cards, can be purchased in this section if you like.

$3.99 ZONE

The last thing I want to introduce to you is this $3.99 ZONE area. You should not see the price point of this area is relatively high and think that it is the worst area of our site in terms of cost effectiveness. In fact, the opposite, this site area is the most cost-effective page in our website, more than the first two sites of the overall cost. The products in this website are not only old products, but also some new products with reduced price discounts. Yes, you read that right, this area includes both new and old products, but at the same time can guarantee the cost performance of the products. The description alone comes out I think the cost performance is very high. Generally we in the normal shopping page, the average price of background board die is at $7.99, but if you can look for yourself in our site, you can find Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Hollow Circle Border such die, if you look hard enough, you can even find a lower price. If you look hard enough, you can even find a lower price point.

You must not ignore these three areas of our website!


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