Recommend: Cute cats cutting dies


I’m going to share some cute cat cutting dies with you! Cat cutting dies are one of the most popular items in Kokorosa studio. We provide various cat patterns to you, which are widely used in different styles of cards. There are many new cat cutting dies released! I will share you some of them!

The first one is cat round border die. This cutting die is super easy to use. I bring one card to you here. I’ll show you the making process of this adorable card.

Step1: Let’s see what supplies and tools we need to use when making cards. These thins are often being used, which are essential for crafting. If you do not have enough supplies or tools, you can get them from here.

Step2: Die out the cute cat pattern on the white rectangle paper.

Step3: Prepare one sky in night patterned paper as the background of this card.

Step4: Use the cat pattern to create a shadow of cat on this beautiful background. We need to use dark blue ink pad to color the edge of round cat frame.

Step5: Stick the white pattern with the blue paper together.

Step6: Cut out the extra paper.

Step7: Then adhere it to the white card stock.

Step8: Since we did not add many decorations to this card, we can add one sentiment to this card.

Step9: Finally, we chose the brown cardstock paper as the bottom layer of this project!

The next one is a cat pattern border, but this one is different with the above one. The Naughty Cats Cutting Die can be used to decorate your cards perfectly! I love the design of this die, which perfectly shows the cute feature of cats. And this design let me remember the scene that my neighbor’s fat cat slowly walking along the fence. That’s why I like this border! Why not add these lovely cats to your cards?

If you want to add one unique designed cat pattern to cards, do not miss out the Hollow Lace Cat Pattern Cutting Die. There are some nice features I want to show you. Firstly, the hollow floral pattern on the body of cat, which is different with those common cat patterns. Secondly, the butterflies elements are perfectly added to the tail of cat, which increased the effect of interactive. 

The last die I will recommend to today is the Lovely Cats Cutting Dies. There are different cat patterns you can get if you buy this dies set, such as a standing cat, a sitting cat, a running cat and the cute naught cat. You can combine them to decorate cards with different ways.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact with us! Welcome all of you share projects with Kokorosa! Thanks for your reading! See you~


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