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The cutting die is a craft field, in fact, the threshold of entry is not high. Today I write this blog to help some people who are new to our circle to have a preliminary knowledge and familiarity with cutting dies. It can also accelerate everyone's understanding of cutting die. The reason why I want to guide newcomers to get started quickly is that there will be a lot of unnecessary mistakes in the early stage of experience that can be eliminated. In this blog, I will give you 3 perspectives on what you need to start cutting die! 


First of all, if we need to make cutting die cards, we need to have a cutting machine, but we can find many kinds of cutting machines on the market. How can we tell which one we need to buy? First of all, from a larger perspective, cutting machines are divided into two types: manual and electric, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If it is a manual cutting machine, then we need to adjust our speed and strength of rotation. In general, it is not as convenient as the electric one. But there is a very significant advantage, is cheap. But the wear and tear of a manual cutting machine are greater than that of an electric cutting machine, so at a later stage, when our demand for cutting machimachinesmes bigger, we can consider updating our equipment and choose an expensive, but better and better more convenient electric cutting machine.


The first thing you need to understand as a new beginner player is why we have so many categories and so many individual items of cutting die. The reason is that the cutting die itself is expendable. This expandable means not that we will use the cutting die we bought until we are gone, but that many cutting dies will only be used once or twice, but some cutting dies we will use often. So the storage of the cutting die is very important, if you are good at storage, you can choose to distinguish your purchased cutting die as fine as possible, like the classification of our website. If you are not good at organizing, then you can also simply distinguish the commonly used cutting die from the less commonly used cutting die. convenient. Otherwise, you may experience that it takes 1-2 hours to find the cutting die you need to make a card.


Then also the most important thing must be the Crafting Tools and Accessories. The cutting die is not just a direct use of cutting die can be, a hobby is the independent learning of things. Since you can learn, there will be a deep and shallow level of learning. In the beginning, making cards may be enough to be satisfied by the cutting die, but as we get deeper into the field we will find that we need to use more tools, such as embossing folders or decorations. These are the tools that can be used to add some colorful visual effects to the cards we make.

There is more knowledge in the field of cutting die, but more knowledge needs to be learned in the daily production communication or your production. If you encounter any problems in production, you can contact us directly at kokorosa, we will also be the first to help you solve the problem.

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