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As we all know, after more and more cutting die lovers and businesses entered this social group, the development of cutting die became more and more diverse, and various categories of cutting die for various purposes are becoming more and more abundant. For example, we now have a celebration cutting die, a cutting dies for border and frame, and even a life cutting die that encompasses many objects we can see daily. Plant dies and animal dies are the most common, and I won't go into much detail about these products. Today I want to introduce you to some cutting die some good helpers for work.


Cardstock is a very important part of cutting die making. A good greeting card is not only due to the person's design and how well it is washed. In fact, cardstock is equivalent to adding a suitable atmosphere to your card, then the person who receives your card can know why it is a gift for her before she even sees the content of the card. Some people may ask me if they already know what you are sending them when they get your card. In that case, there will be no surprise for the person receiving the card. That's not true. The surprise should be the content, but the sense of atmosphere is very important for the appearance of a card. For example, if you are sending a Christmas card, you should use red, green, and white cardstock, such as Classic Plaid DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock Paper, and if you need to send a card that represents spring, you may need to use Green Daisy DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock Paper


This is also a very important prop. In fact, the reason why human beings are smart is not because of how high a person's ability is, but because human beings will accomplish the work that requires high ability through some means and methods in the case of their own low ability. Clear stamp is a very good example, Floral Plants Clear Stamps can give us very fine plant patterns and Love Words Clear Stamps can give us very good looking fonts.


This is the most important and frequently used tool in the card making process. Generally, the cardstock gives a very intuitive atmosphere, but if the color scheme or the small elements of the cardstock are not properly matched, it can bring a fatal disadvantage to a card. But if you use an embossing folder, you will not encounter such problems. It is mainly to give your card a nice texture. So if you don't know much about matching, for example, a Christmas card and you use an embossing folder with a pumpkin pattern, it doesn't matter. Because you are using an embossing folder, its small elements are not very crucial for a whole greeting card, that is, it can reduce the small flaws of a card. Then if you can match it with the embossing folder, with the use of cardstock and clear stamps, you can use the three elements of this greeting card making to create a card that everyone will envy.

I also hope that you can become more and more proficient at operating cutting die, keep creating great looking cards, exchange and learn from each other, and promote our group's internal evolution and development.

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