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Deconstructionism is a common technique of expression in art, where a familiar object is dismantled to form a new form of artistic expression. In this way it allows people to experience the beauty of our art in a better and more intuitive way. We have recently launched three new deconstruction-based cutting dies at kokorosastudio and hope that this blog will give you an insight into deconstructionism and allow you to use this element in your future cutting dies. This will certainly enhance your cards.

Kokorosa Cutting Dies with Small Squares Background Board

First of all I would like to bring you a deconstructed cutting die, the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Small Squares Background Board, which is a purely background die with the familiar theme of colour palettes. We kokorosa users are all associated with crafting, so I'm sure you're familiar with the palette. It is a rectangular piece of furniture divided into small pieces, each filled with a colour, which is visually striking, whether gradual or random. I think that if you are not yet familiar with deconstruction, you should try this cutting die as an introduction to deconstruction. You will find that deconstruction is very simple to create, but the visual impact can be far greater than expected.

Kokorosa Cutting Dies with Deconstruction Background Board

Then we can move on to the deconstruction of simple things. We recommend the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Deconstruction Background Board, a backdrop die that borrows from word dies and deconstructs them. It is a rare and essential element of art, just as in prose, we need to focus on the form but not the spirit. When we are afraid or shy of expressing what we need to express, we can also use a deconstructed form like this cutting die to express what is on our minds.

Girl Headshot Silhouette Background Board Cutting Die

Finally, we have the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Girl Headshot Silhouette Background Board, a cutting die that is actually one of the most common artistic expressions of deconstructionism in our lives. First of all, it is a combination of a background die and a character die. If the subject of this cutting die, a young girl's head, was just a head, it would look ordinary, but we have used deconstructionism to turn this cutting die into a very artistic one. We have added a touch of spring by deconstructing the girl's hair into flowers and plants, which in turn give the girl a sense of movement, like a nature girl in a forest, adding a touch of epic mystery to the cutting die.

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