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Easter is an important holiday that can be compared to Christmas, so are there any of you in Kokorosa who are making cards for Easter? We are familiar with the Easter symbols of the bunny and the egg. But I'm sure you've already made some animal dies and life dies with bunnies and eggs in the past, so today I'm bringing you some different cutting dies.

"Happy Easter" Word Metal Cutting Die

Firstly, the "Happy Easter" Word Metal Cutting Die, which differs from the previous cutting die with the Easter Bunny in that it contains both the bunny and the festive text. The combination of the two elements makes the cutting die even more promising. Many people feel that celebratory cuttings are less cost effective because they are more expensive per unit, but can be used in more limited situations. A cutting die like this will completely dispel this concern. Our text can be used for Easter dies, but our bunny ears can be used in so many different scenarios that we can use this element in any card that has a cute or animal theme. So in my opinion, a cutting die like this is well worth buying.

What's the Easter Egg

Before I introduce our next product, I would like to tell you a story. In the twelfth century, eggs were added to Easter festivities and were often painted in red, but also with coloured and smiling faces. This is why they were generally called "Easter eggs" (also known as Easter eggs). The original symbolism of the egg was "spring - the beginning of new life". Christians use it to symbolise "the resurrection of Jesus from the stone tomb". On Easter Eve, children colour and dress up eggs for friends and family. The Easter egg is the most important food symbol of Easter, signifying the beginning and continuation of life. The Greeks usually painted their eggs red on this day, using the colour of blood to signify the springtime revival of everything (later, this also signified the blood of the crucified Christ). Some people also painted them green to commemorate the new green that came out after a winter of withering.

Easter Lines & Eggs Background Board Metal Cutting Die

The reason for this cutting die was a question that came to our designer one day: "Although our background board dies can be used in many scenarios, most of them are optional, or rather, the fact that they are used in many scenarios means that they have relatively few features that can be used in a specific way, so how can we create a cutting die that can be used in a specific scenario while still maintaining the ability to be used in any scenario? How can we create a cutting die that can be used in a particular scenario while still maintaining the ability to be used in any scenario?" With this idea in mind, the Easter Lines & Eggs Background Board Metal Cutting Die was born. It includes an egg cut-out, designed for the upcoming Easter season, and a very versatile and beautiful backdrop die for coordination and versatility. The combination of the two makes our cutting die an even more versatile choice.


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