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It’s time to prepare gifts for your friends and family members because we’re going to say goodbye to 2022 and then hug the coming new year! Don’t forget to send best wishes to people who you are cared about. Originally, I wanted to make a special issue about the New Year, but I suddenly realized that the epidemic has actually had a great impact on our year. So instead of celebrating the new year now, let's start by summarizing the past year.. I believe you will get some inspiration from this blog! Let’s start now!

The weather has been so hot and cold lately, it must be very unpleasant. In these times of epidemic, remember to protect yourself by wearing a mask and disinfecting yourself. While you are protecting yourself, you can also visit your friends in the hospital at your leisure and take this card with you to send your sincere wishes.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Medical Gears. This card will help to ease your friend's distress. Our set comes with capsules, pills, and trinkets. They can be easily colored by pressing them out with the cutting die machine and pressing the pre-defined indentations.

If you are afraid of over-painting, you can also use a thin brown outline marker to outline the lines before coloring in, as well as outlining the edges to give the card more dimension. Of course, using a sponge dauber with brown paste and rubbing it lightly over the edges will also give a good effect. I would recommend using darker cardstock for the holes behind the band-aids to add layers and give the card a much more polished look. I kept one of the band-aid cutters to use for other cards, it's great for covering up small imperfections and as a sticky note. I prefer to press two pieces of text together so that even the smallest text can be made much better than before, and so that it doesn't accidentally break. Finally, stick all the little colored elements onto the chosen background and use foam glue to add layers, so a nice-looking card is finished. Still, I wish my dear friends good health. I hope that kokorosa will bring joy and happiness to your lives every day.

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