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Hello, kokorosa studio friends, how are you doing in the New Year? In two days, it will be the traditional Chinese New Year. For Chinese people, Chinese New Year is like Christmas, it represents the beginning of a new year. So today I'm going to bring you some cutting die related to the Chinese New Year festival in this issue of my blog.

New year, New cutting die

The new year has just arrived, we have put on the shelves is still more cutting die style. Basically, we have included several major categories of cutting die, such as plant cutting die, animal cutting die, celebration cutting and background board cutting die. I can give you a few examples, such as Branch of Flowers Cutting Dies, which is a very typical plant cutting die, we can not only use it as the main body of the card when making the card. I think it can also be used as a decoration for other theme cards if it is properly matched, so as to make the content of the card more rich. Or the Row of Birds Metal Cutting Dies, which is a very cute cutting die for birds. At the beginning of the design, we removed a few of the birds in this row after a meeting because they didn't look good. When I think about it now, I think it was a bit funny that we had a special meeting at that time.

New Year's cutting die

Then we talk about the New Year cutting die, which we have been trying to make as early as October and November. Considering the international logistics and actual shipping speed problems, so we advance the new products on the shelves once again so that you can have a better shopping experience. There are some very good New Year products, I can give you a few of them." Bling In The New Year" Metal Cutting Dies, this one word cutting die, not only its choice of font and design is better, especially its content. This "bling" as similar to the diamond kind of light a flash of mimetic words, is very can attract people. When it comes to the New Year, that fireworks is essential, so Fireworks Background Board Metal Cutting Dies selling point is here, which is why everyone will choose it. There is a more cool cutting die, "Happy New Year" Word Metal Cutting Dies, this one directly above the former word and the latter's fireworks. Making this backdrop sold very hot as soon as it hit the shelves.

About the cutting die of dreams

In the new year, although it is said that there is no need for new dreams, but we must stick to our dreams and not let our dreams gradually disappear. Dreams can be small or big, perhaps very naive and simple, but also may be more complex. For example, Travel Caravan Metal Cutting Dies. we can say that our dream is to travel in the new year, so in that case we will try it. Time is always occupied by various kinds of time, but we must give our dreams used to achieve the time, try to achieve the dream of this process, is more important than the actual realization of the dream.

Happy New Year to all!

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