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I’m glad to see you again! Today’s blog is about the house cutting die. I really find that creating cards is an enjoyable process because we can create many beautiful things on our projects. We can express our love, thanks, care and any feelings to people with one warm handmade card, especially for those people who do not like expressing their feelings face to face. Except different greetings, I think we can also create our dream life or past life on one card. That is why I want to share the house cutting dies with you. The houses, nice scenes, pets and some hobbies are both important parts in our life. To me, I am interested in houses designing, so I like decorating buildings. The Three-storey Bungalow Cutting Dies set includes different small decorated cutting dies, so I want to give some instructions to you today.

We don’t need to worry about how to combines so may mini elements together. We just need to die out all these patterns firstly. After that, adhere these patterns to the right place. You may need to use a stalker to help you when adhering these patterns. Another point is that you can use the cardstock paper to decorate the views inside the house. We suggest that you can use two pieces of paper, so the widow frames can be seen clearly. By the way, if you want to make windows which can be closed and opened, you can choose the foldable window die. It will create a better effect for your cards. We can not only adhere the house pattern to the card. It is also a good choice to thread a rope in the small round hole left in the roof as a bookmark.

There are may nice house cutting dies you can choose from kokorosa and we are designing more lovely house cutting dies to you.

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