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In the last issue, I talked about International Women's Day on March 8th, so today I'm going to introduce you to some topics that are closely related to this theme. In my view, women and flowers are very similar. So maybe some of you will say, do you want to introduce us to some flowers cutting die ah. Yes, congratulations! But seriously, I didn't say that women are like flowers in my eyes just to introduce those plants cutting die. I mean what I say. I think women have some qualities that enough good men can't achieve.

Women are as elegant and noble as flowers

I will show you the card of this cutting dies, Beautiful Flower Border Metal Cutting Die, which is a border die. When such a flower grows and blooms in front of your eyes, you will only feel that it is a noble flower with the most overpowering nobility in this world. It has this kind of character that is capable of bringing good luck to itself. So I used the word die of "good luck" when I made this card, but you can also try to use some other sticker or embossing folder to create your favorite card.

Women are as beautiful as flowers

I'm sure I don't need to tell you that we all understand this. But there are many kinds of beauty, some are charming, some are arrogant, some are willing to be ordinary, and some are actively blooming. IWD Flower "8" Metal Cutting Dies, like this card, is the definition of beauty, and there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. This card was carefully designed by our colleagues in the craft group. We all know that International Women's Day is on March 8, so she used a number like 8 for the background design, and then put a lot of beautiful flowers on the number as embellishments. The idea of this design expresses the unity of all women. A single flower is enough to amaze a piece of grass, a cluster of flowers can be more beautiful a world. The card was made with pink cardstock for cutting die, and also to highlight the characteristics of female beauty.

Women are a very important part of maintaining the development of society

We need to talk about Plants' Collapsible Border Metal Cutting Dies, which were born without plants and flowers. Until a meeting, we tried to add plants and flowers to the border die. Then when we tried to remove the flowers and plants, we felt that this border die was very strange without any highlights. The social status of women around the world has gone through a history of this. In the patriarchal society under the dominance of patriarchal society, a long time ago, the social status of women is not high, but like the wild rose that still blooms in various crevices, the social status of women gradually ushered in the dawn. Gradually, the social groups found that women were not only not inferior to men in all aspects, but in some aspects could be better than men. Thus a more enlightened and modern society was born.

Today I'm talking more about the female analogy, not to objectify women, but simply to be happy for the society we are in. Our socialization today has made us realize that everyone in this world can have their place and can shine in their field. This is still true of us who make handmade cutting dies. If you are not yet good at making more complex ones, then you can start by using the background board die to reduce the design and improve your production skills. Then you can slowly advance to the use of some large border die or frame die, until you can try to use cutting dies in addition to some other handmade materials, such as a clear stamp, or before we shelved some Wax and other more complex accessories.

I hope everyone will enjoy cutting die more and more, and congratulations to all the ladies in the world for a happy International Women's Day!

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