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Hello, dear friends of Kokorosa

There is no doubt that people who like to make crafts love cats. Kittens are the cutest animals in this world, and puppies have to admire this truth when they see them. Although dogs are the most loyal companions, cats are the most heartless bosses. That's why we all love cats. So today I'm going to show you a few of our recent cutting dies about cats.

The first card to show is the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Cat Doing Yoga, which includes two different yoga poses for cats. As we all know, cats are liquid. Only cats in this world can bring such yoga movements to the extreme.

Then comes the second item, this one is Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Puzzle Cat. this one is very interesting. Each of its kittens is not irregular, but like a piece of a puzzle that can be put together up and down, left and right. When put together, it can form a large piece of the puzzle composed of cats. Imagine a group of cute kittens running in front of you, you will feel this is so wonderful.

The third product and the fourth product are actually a combination and can be used together, I will first tell you about the third product. kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Cute Cats. this is a group of cutting dies, and each kitten is the form of a live kitten, each has its characteristics, some lying down, some standing, and some squatting, which looks like the cat in a hundred pictures.

The fourth product is a frame, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Hollow Photo Frame, which can be used with the kitten cutting dies, a grid, and a cat, which are in harmony with each other. When they are combined, they can give a much better visual effect than if you were to use the kitten alone or use this frame alone. Of course, if you have some creativity of your own, you can also go ahead and try using these two cutting dies to create what you think is the best-looking card.

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