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Music is an essential part of our lives, and everyone needs music in their lives in order to sustain us through each day. Personally, I believe that music is not a spiritual enjoyment, but a necessity for everyone. So I want to bring you some music cutting dies today. I hope you can enjoy the charm of music dies in my sharing today, and I also hope that this kind of theme of cutting die can be more and more common in the next days in the works of your crafting friends.

Big Music Notes Metal Cutting Die

As the first cutting die I want to show you today, the Big Music Notes Metal Cutting Die is a completely abstract cutting die, because it is not an actual instrument, it is a note-based cutting die. I think this cutting die is more suitable for various scenarios than a specific instrument cutting die. We don't have to stick to what kind of instrument is used to play the note, we just need to know that it is a symbol of the music on the line. And an iconic symbol that can be used anywhere you want to use to make any cutting die you want to make.

Slender Piano Keys Background Board Metal Cutting Die

We all know that the piano is a long one with many keys, so in order to make the piano keys as reproducible as possible, we make each key of the piano long and thin, so that it will be as reproducible as possible to the real piano. So the Slender Piano Keys Background Board Metal Cutting Die was born. As a background die, the Slender Piano Keys Background Board Metal Cutting Die can dominate a whole handmade card in one main style. That's right, music, and we can add a lot of music-related elements to make this card as informative as possible. Of course, if you want to reflect the feeling of music and nature, you can also try to add some small animal dies or plants dies, because music is a way to feel nature, so the combination of music and nature will be very harmonious.

Nature's Piano Metal Cutting Die

Nature's Piano Metal Cutting Die is a cutting die that combines music and nature as I said before. The main advantage of this cutting die is that it doesn't require you to redesign the layout, you can use such a cutting die in a very straightforward way. Crafters know that the more coordinated elements there are in the same card, the richer the card will look, and because the elements are coordinated with each other, this richness does not make it look cumbersome, but rather gives it a luxurious feel.

So that's the end of our sharing for today. Our kokorosastudio has been continuously launching new cutting dies and other paper crafting necessities, interested paper crafting lovers can add our website to their subscriptions. When you need to come to our website to see these new updated cutting die, hope you can find the right cutting die for you, and we hope you can make more and more beautiful cutting die in the days after.


  • Pam

    I agree with Sarajane. When I start my die cutting project if there’s no picture to go by I’m unable to use since there is no pic on the package. Also ,in looking back on your web site I cannot find the die used to help in knowing how to assemble.

  • Sarajane stoudenmire

    I recently bought a beautiful die set of a piano and a woman in a formal dress but I have been looking for it again on the website. Since you don’t provide a photo or how to with your dies I usually find the die on the website and snap it so I can assemble the die. But this time I have not been able to find it. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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