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The power of women is not to be ignored in the new era and is on the rise. In the past, women were perhaps in an oppressed position compared to men in society. But with the rise of more and more egalitarianism and feminism, more and more people are standing in this process of social development. There are also many celebrations in our society for women, such as this IWD that I am about to talk about.

IWD Woman Silhouettes Cutting Die

The full name of IWD is International Women's Day. Such a celebration was created on one hand so that women all over the world can stand on the same side to face the world. On the other hand, it is also a reminder for us as men or boys to pay attention to the women around us and not to let them be bullied. In such a kind of festival, we as family, friends, or colleagues, relatives, it would be great if we can send them a cutting die that we have made carefully. The size of this IWD Woman Silhouette cutting die is relatively large, so it can easily fill up the size of a card. Therefore, when designing such a card, my idea was to reduce the decoration of the card to better highlight the theme. To translate the content of this card from individual to the group, I chose to use the coloring silhouette to reflect the interconnection of women. I used this technique also in Sports Silhouette cutting die and Arm Silhouette Cutting Die. If you are interested in this technique, you can also try it out.

Travel Caravan Cutting Die

Then in fact, usually on the day of IWD, the girls will have a day off. This holiday also coincides with the beginning of spring. And in early spring, it's perfect for a family outing. This card is perfect for a fun and relaxing trip. When we use Travel Caravan cutting die, we can also try to match the cutting die with a small piece of food like Burger & FriesC utting Dies and Bottles of Beer Cutting Dies. This makes the layout of this card richer and more wonderful, and if the coloring is realistic, it can also make the person who receives this card immediately crave to go to eat and drink.

Butterfly & Notes Cutting Die

When I think of an outing, I think of a springtime meadow with flowers and butterflies fluttering in the wind, accompanied by the sound of light and happy songs. In such a scenario, I thought of this Butterfly & Notes Cutting Die, a card that encompasses all these scenes of an early spring outing. The butterfly and the music seem to be linked together from time to time, I think because the beauty of the butterfly is a kind of spiritual dancer's beauty, with its rhythm. And music, dancers are bound to match the notes. In my understanding, the sound of the stream, and the sound of the wind blowing the grass, these sounds are the notes of nature, and these notes match the beautiful butterflies. This is the spectacular performance of nature. I also have the Flower Harp Cutting Dies, which is similar.

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