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May is the month of a series of special occasions like graduation, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and the start of summer. Therefore, it is also a great time to stock up on cutting dies for your papercraft projects. As always, we have brought you a lot of fantastic new cutting dies this month. Some are upgrades and variants of previous designs while some are completely new ideas. Here are some new arrivals that we think you'll love:

Metal Cutting Dies with Row of Singing Hummingbirds

We are very glad to announce that we have released a new cutting die Metal Cutting Dies with Row of Singing Hummingbirds.This is a new design of our previous product. It features a row of 6 beautiful singing hummingbirds. We have already released a cutting die of a row of cute lovely birds before(Metal Cutting Dies With Row of Birds). The major difference is that the previous one is designed in cartoon style while the new one is a more realistic reproduction of these little birds.

The six hummingbirds are all arranged in a line, with their heads held up high and their tails pointed down. Each of them looks in different directions as if they are having a pleasant group chat. It is a great gift for your close friends or those who love birds!

Metal Cutting Dies with Little Hollow Bubbles Border Board

The newly arrived cutting dies with little hollow bubbles border board has quite a unique design of hollow bubbles and dotted streamlines. It adds more possibility and a touch of fashion to your paper craft works. It is a good cutting die for your paper craft works. The background you place underneath essentially decides its theme, feeling, and style. You can choose any color you like, let's have a try! The hollow bubbles cutting die is made of high-quality steel and will cut through cardstock, chipboard, felt, and most other craft materials.

Metal Cutting Dies with 3 Pcs Reindeer In Forest

This is an extremely gorgeous cutting die with which you can create the dreamy image of two beautiful reindeer standing in the deep forest. It consists of three separate cutting dies, which is the key to giving some depth to the image and making it more vivid.

This cutting die can be used for card making or scrapbooking of any theme, such as love, trip, memory, fairy tale, and so on! This cutting die is easy to use and easy to store. The best part about this product is that although it has fixed content, how it looks is completely up to your imagination and creativity. The demo picture conveys a sense of mystery and fantasy. But you can use different color schemes to express different emotions. For example, use green and brown in the background to show the scene of lively early spring. You can use this die set for so many different purposes.

Metal Cutting Dies with Standing Lady Liberty

This is a very versatile cutting die. It cuts out the shape of the Statue of Liberty. Compared to our previous cutting dies of the Statue of Liberty, the most outstanding update with this new one is that it has very clear embossed details. With these detail patterns, you can have a nice Lady Liberty die cut without even having to paint it. You can use it for various U.S.-related cardmaking and scrapbooking themes like Independence Day, Veterans day, Memorial day, or for anyone who has served the country.

How about today’s monthly recommendation? Any cutting die you like or have you got any new ideas for your next paper craft project? You can find more new cutting dies with excellent designs in the New in May section. Hope you can find what you need with us. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, leave a comment below or tell us via email. We will be more than glad to hear from you.

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