Recommend: Summer Memories In Winter

In one of my blogs last week, I created a special issue on spring cutting die, because it will be spring soon after winter. But there is one season of the year that is the exact opposite of winter. When we think of that season, we can think of sunshine, beach, and ice cream. Guess which season it is? That's right, it's summer. In many media surveys, it is found that summer is the season with the strongest sense of happiness and satisfaction. For children, summer is a time of vacation, and summer vacation is a time of happiness. For adults, summer is a time to go to the pool or the beach and play with the people you love.

But we're in the middle of winter now, and it's so cold it even snowed yesterday. When I was at home, I was suddenly inspired to make some summer cutting die. Thinking about the joy of summer, I set out to make them. So today I'm going to bring you two cutting dies about summer memories.

The Orange Metal Cutting Die

How did this cutting die hit my heart and finally made me decide to use this Orange Metal Cutting Die to represent my summer memories? As we all know, oranges are best eaten in the fall and winter, which is probably the season we are in now. By springtime, oranges taste worse. But as a tropical fruit, oranges give me just a very cool feeling. In the production of the card, I wanted to express the more precious feeling of summer memories as much as possible, so I chose a more moderate border, plus some small decorations of pearls to
Hollow Flower Vintage Border and Golden Rivet Rhinestone Stickers. These are very good choices. If you still have the leaf dies in your toolbox, I also highly recommend pasting some leaves underneath this orange cutting die. Because leaves can make this card more vivid. You can even choose a cardstock like Strawberry DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock to highlight the summer memories.

Wooden Dock Metal Cutting Dies

This is a cutting die that fits our theme today. although its name is Wooden Dock Metal Cutting Dies, it contains smaller plant dies and animal dies like water plants, corals, and small fish.

So this cutting die is very cost-effective. At that time I also found this, so I decided to use this cutting die to show the summer beach. When I was a child, will often in the summer about a few good friends, on the next creek to jump into the swim. This is never to return to childhood. When I made this card, I chose sky blue for the sky and seawater. I also dotted the sky with some small seagulls. 

Other Finished Cutting Die Show

In addition to these cards, we also made some cards that also use the above two cutting dies. But there are differences in inspiration and design. The reason for showing you these cards is that we hope you can get the inspiration you need for your creation.

I believe that you can also create your summer meeting. We need a summer meeting in the winter, and I believe that your friends will enjoy receiving such a themed card!

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