Recommend: The Familiar Cutting Die

It's easy to see how often we come up with new products that are very similar to the ones we've had in the past. Today I'm going to take a look at two of the more "familiar" items. These are two items that you will have seen on our website when browsing the pages.

Why are there similar cutting dies?

Usually, similar cutting dies become a competitive category, but because some of the items are selling well, we will specially develop cutting dies that are similar but have a different look within that category, the purpose of which is to enrich our range and to meet the needs of our users for that category to a greater extent. For example, if we have developed some cutting dies for puppies, and we find that the puppies are very popular with the majority of our users, then we will develop more cutting dies for puppies with different appearances and different images.

Various Umbrellas Metal Cutting Die

After I have explained why we at kokorosa make some cutting dies in the same category, we come to our main character today, the Various Umbrellas Metal Cutting Die. We can refer to two previous cutting dies on umbrellas, the UmbrellasMetal Cutting Die and the Umbrellas & Flowers Metal Cutting Die, both of which are umbrellas. These two cutting dies are both umbrellas, but the main difference between them and our protagonist today is that the UmbrellasMetal Cutting Die is an open umbrella and the Umbrellas & Flowers Metal Cutting Die is more of a cartoon style umbrella. realistic. The Various Umbrellas Metal Cutting Die has more indentations. In terms of detail alone, there is more detail than in the previous two cutting dies. I hope that this cutting die will fill the need of our customers for an umbrella cutting die, which is why we have created this cutting die in the first place.

Island Lighthouse Border Metal Cutting Die

This is a border die, we have had similar lighthouse cutting dies on our shelves before and they have sold well, so our designers have combined the lighthouse theme with the border die to create this cutting die, then we also have a couple of previous cutting dies on lighthouses, the Lighthouse & Seawater Metal Cutting Die and The Lighthouse Metal Cutting Die. Similar to the umbrella above, the two previous lighthouse themed cutting dies are both more cartoonish in style. Generally, with new categories we start with a cartoon style image because it is more acceptable to the user, then we try to make something more realistic, like today's cutting die, the Island Lighthouse Border Metal Cutting Die. If you want to create the feeling of a magnificent landscape, you can use this cutting die to add colour to your cards.

We hope that you will find the perfect cutting die for you on our website!

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