Recommend: The Perfect Family Cutting Die

I believe that everyone who likes to make handmade cutting dies is a person who loves life, so a person who loves life must be a person who loves family. A person who loves his family will definitely take good care of his family. In my opinion, a good family should have three elements. Today I am going to present you with three new cutting dies from our kokorosa collection and with these three cutting dies I hope to explain to you some of the necessary elements of a family.

Large Shelf Metal Cutting Die

I believe that a family needs a main body to exist in the first place. Just as a boat needs a keel to support it, a house needs a foundation to support it, and the Large Shelf Metal Cutting Die, is the support for a home. In such a shelf, we can put our TV for our entertainment. We can put our books to improve ourselves, or our collections to improve our aesthetics. I think that if a card has such a cutting die as its main body, then the scope of the card is fixed and all we need to do is to fill in every detail of the card. The only thing left to do is to fill in every detail of the card.

Love Kiwifruit Metal Cutting Die

I think there is another very necessary element for a family to exist, and that is love. A family without love is like holding a handful of sand in your hand, it doesn't even need the wind to blow and it falls apart. When I was a child, it was the love of my mum and dad. I remember when I was a child, I didn't like fruit and my mum and dad would cut it up or "decorate" it in various ways until it looked the way I liked it. Of course, that's where this cutting die came from. Then when I grew up I had a lover and love was the reason for the existence of our family. To me the Love Kiwifruit Metal Cutting Die is a symbol of the sustenance of the family, a presence that can make our family better.

Instrumentalists Metal Cutting Die

I remember someone saying that everyone is a musician. In fact, whether one is artistic or not or whether one has a love of singing or not, one just hums unconsciously, perhaps when one is sad or when one is happy. The family needs a space where we can express our emotions. We are bound to have conflicts in the family and we need to give each other a space to communicate and unblock our emotions. And when we are happy, we need to be able to play music and dance with our own people. So in my opinion Instrumentalists Metal Cutting Die is a place where we can put that part of our lives that is higher than life, a place where we can uplift and purify our spirit.

I hope that everyone will not only use the cutting die to make some cards, but that they will learn something about life and inspiration while making the cutting die. If there is a virtuous circle like this, we will create more cutting dies that people will like, whether it is a background die or an animal die, if you have any other cutting die that you would like to make but we have not created it yet, please feel free to send us your feedback through comments or emails, thank you! Thank you for your interest.

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  • Cindy

    I don’t have a cutting press what would you recommend I’m a beginner

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