We are delighted that kokorosastudio has recently added a feature on VALENTINE'S DAY CUTTING DIES, in which we focus on sending well wishes, love, and strength with the handmade cards made of It is also to prepare for the upcoming Valentine's Day and to give you some inspiration to create your own Valentine's Day cards.
These are four cutting dies that have their own style, and they all belong to different sub-categories, but they also belong to one big category, which is amazing.
Big Love Heart Background Board Cutting Dies
The first cutting die I want to show you is the Big Love Heart Background Board Cutting Dies, a background board cutting die that is generally very easy to use and very crucial to the layout of a card. Because the background cutting die is the equivalent of eliminating the crafters' time and effort to think about how a card should be laid out. So when I made this card, I chose some screenshots of the castle to fill the white space in the middle of the cutting die. However, some cardstock on our kokorosa website is suitable for this scene, such as Faith&Love DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock Paper or Scrapbook & Cardmaking Retro Stitching Background Paper. The style of the cardstock is generally more retro or more brightly colored.
Cupids Cutting Dies
When it comes to love, there is a little angel from ancient times that we cannot forget. Cupid is a symbol of love. This Cupids cutting die contains all the accessories a cupid should have, such as its bow and arrow. When designing the card, I added Lace Paper for Scrapbooking Card Making at the top and bottom of the card. this way it accents the pink background around the little cupid nicely. Speaking of pink, I highly recommend using pink-themed cardstock like Valentine's Pink Check DIY Scrapbook & Cardstock Paper. It is a great match to the theme of such a card.
Love Silhouette Border Cutting Dies
This Love Silhouette Border Cutting die is a border dies, and when I saw it, I instantly associated it with a couple in love. I don't think using such a cutting die to make a card is suitable for using lighter colors to bring out the theme. It needs a darker red color to be able to handle the feeling of passionate love. I used the largest "Love" from Valentine's Love Dies with Stamps Set to make this card, which I think is very appropriate.
Wellness Theme "LOVE" Word Cutting Dies
Wellness Theme "LOVE" Word Cutting Dies are inspired by the epidemic of the past years. In the case of the epidemic, a lot of love is not as smooth as before. So this is a card to wish all the couples in the world to stay healthy and love will last forever. Our website has also published some health-themed cards before, such as Band-Aids Metal Cutting Dies and Clinic Doctors Background Board Cutting Dies.
After reading the cutting die I introduced to you today, you are already eagerly waiting for Valentine's Day. We have also launched some other theme modules, similar to the New year's super sale and winter sale, if you are interested I can introduce these topics to you in the following blog.
If you don't know what to do in cutting die-making, you can also read this topic of KOKOROSA CUTTING DIES SHARING. There are a lot of tutorials for making cutting dies on this topic.

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