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Hello, kokorosa friends!
The new year is coming soon, the beginning of each year represents a new outlook on life, so in this year is coming. We can occasionally become a little nostalgic. Today I will bring you some nostalgic retro cutting die, using these cutting die can quickly pull people back to the past era, let people feel the past time.
Let's start with our first cutting die, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Irregular Shape of Border. this cutting die is of the border type, and since the image of this cutting die is rather retro, it's perfect for putting some retro patterns or cardstock in the border.

Then we bring you a card, Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Branch of Flowers, which is a cutting die of flowers, using this cutting die can make people feel a strong sense of freshness and vintage. Flowers have always been a kind of retro plant. In such a general environment, the use of flowers as decoration can very well set the atmosphere.

Then the third card is Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Wooden Door, which is a Chinese symbol of the new year. In the old days in China, doors were painted red for the New Year and this door has the feel of the old Chinese national style doors, which is a necessary element to make a vintage card.

The last one is Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Magnifying Glass, which is a very nostalgic product at first glance. In the old days, women used to use such small vintage mirrors to do their makeup, and a card like this can also be a great way to bring out the vintage feel.

By the way, I need to say one more thing. Your craft box must be out of stock again. If you want to make more and more beautiful cards you need a more comprehensive kit. You can browse our website for the new arrival cutting dies or the best-selling cutting dies. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for on our website!

Alternatively, here is our youtube page:

You can also check out our videos. We hope you will enjoy our video page's many tutorials on making cutting dies. See you next time!

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