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In fact, for a long time many arts, including painting, have been remarkable for creating a three-dimensional feel in two-dimensional content. This is also true of cutting dies. Although most cutting die products on the market are two-dimensional and flat. But in reality cutting dies can do so much more than that. Today I am going to bring you some 3D cutting die. I hope that while I can educate you on this subject, I can also inspire you to use our shop's cutting dies products to create some 3D cards that will blow your friends away.

First up is the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With 3D Stacking Gift Boxes, which are cards that open up so that the box becomes three-dimensional and pops off the page. Imagine if your friend received a card for his birthday and he thought it was a very different flat card, but in fact when he opened it he would found a three-dimensional gift box in the card. It's a surprise when you think about it.

Then I show you the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With 3D Shopping Bag, which creates a rather cute little shopping bag. You may be wondering what such a small shopping bag can be used for, but it can't be used for shopping. Yes, indeed, it cannot be used for shopping in the mall. However, it can be used as a little decoration. A shopping bag like this would be perfect for a little miniature decoration.

Then I'm going to bring you some micro decorations, starting with the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With 3D Retro TV, which is a small retro TV that is made from a cutting die and then put together to make such a nice looking little TV that you will love.

Last but not least is the Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With 3D Hollow Pet House, a mold that can be used with several animal cutting dies. You can place a small pet house like this on the corner of your table, and then place some small pet cutting dies next to the house to make a vivid picture.

Well, that's all for today's sharing then.By the way, I need to say one more thing. Your craft box must be out of stock again. If you want to make more and more beautiful cards you need a more comprehensive kit. You can browse our website for the new arrival cutting dies or the best-selling cutting dies. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for on our website!

Alternatively, here is our youtube page:

You can also check out our videos. We hope you will enjoy our video page's many tutorials on making cutting dies. See you next time!

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  • Lisa Tuttle
    I just bought your 3D TV and Oven. I cannot find a tutorial for it and it is a gift for my sisters. I don’t know if they can do these with out a tutorial for me to send to them. Can you please send me or tell me where I can find a video or down load a page to create these projects?

    Thank you, Lisa

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