Recommend: Welcoming Spring

It's almost March. In general, March is a symbol of the coming of spring. So today I'm going to bring you some cutting dies about spring. I hope that after a cold winter, you will be in the best shape to welcome the coming spring.

Flower Vintage Hat Metal Cutting Die

It's a very vintage cutting die, but I personally think that spring and vintage are inextricably linked. A lot of big clothing or high fashion brands also come out with vintage looks in spring, and I think that's why. Because spring is the season when everything comes back to life. So it's a time when there's a new look every year, but it's still the same year after year. It's like having a big field where roses bloom every year, but they're not the same roses as last year. The Flower Vintage Hat Metal Cutting Die is a great way to get into the vibe of spring with a strong vintage feel.

Flower Cat Metal Cutting Die

The Flower Cat Metal Cutting Die also uses a combination of flower dies and cat dies. This cutting die is a great way to make our cutting die come to life. As we all know, cats are playful creatures by nature and always like to scratch butterflies here and there. In winter, the weather is too cold so they sleep all the time, but with the arrival of spring, when all the flowers are in full bloom and all the interesting and dynamic little animals are gradually emerging, it is very appropriate to match the cat dies with the flowers and plants at this time of year, and it is in such an atmosphere that the vividness and cuteness of the kitten can be reflected even more.

Hummingbirds & Flowers Metal Cutting Die

Hummingbirds & Flowers Metal Cutting Die is a great cutting die, we all know that the hummingbird has a long beak and is one of the fastest and fastest flying birds in nature. What is the visual effect of such a creature, a member of the bird dies, in combination with the plant dies? Does it resemble a little bee picking stamens? This is a lovely cutting die that fits in perfectly with our spring theme. If we were to create a cutting die for spring, I think this would be a perfect fit for our purpose. With this design, spring seems to come to life in front of us. If you send a card like this to your friend, I'm sure your friend will feel the warmth of spring in the middle of winter. So make the most of these three cutting dies. It is sure to make you feel the beauty of spring.

When we are making cards, we always feel the feeling of inspiration colliding in our heads. Whenever this happens, come to kokorosa to see the cutting dies made by our craft group members, and we are sure that you will find your own ideas for making cards from these beautiful cards, and that you will be able to build on them to make more innovative ideas and lead us to make more great cutting dies. Let's make our own efforts for the development of this circle!

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