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I personally believe that the making of a cutting die is an art. Art does not usually need words to help it. This is understandable, just as no one would write SMILE on the world famous painting Mona Lisa.

The art of words

But as I have said in my previous blogs, cutting die as a form of art is different from what we understand by popular art. Other art is all about expressing your own ideas, so it doesn't need to be a little slogan to make it easier for others to understand. But cutting die is a way of making greeting cards. The card itself needs to be the first thing that people know when we send it to them. So cutting die is actually a direct way of saying something. So on this basis, I think that the art of language in cutting die is very important, because language is undeniably the most convenient and universal way of communication in our society that can be understood by everyone.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with "Never Give Up" Word

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with "Never Give Up" Word is a very useful cutting die that is used in so many scenarios that basically everyone needs one of these cards in our daily lives. This die is a very typical word die, it doesn't have a lot of embellishments, it's just a few letters created in a flowery style. But believe me, the sense of power it can bring to others cannot be ignored. Anyone, when they are experiencing difficulties in life or at work, a plain plant die or animal die will not really soothe the heart after all. They need to have an anchor. If it's a floral or animal cutting die with the words "never give up" as a finishing touch. In that case, I think the person receiving such a card would be cheering themselves up deep down.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with "Enjoy" Word

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with "Enjoy" Word is an amazing cutting die, just like the word "enjoy" on it. When you look at this font, you will feel very "enjoyable". The reason for this is that when designing this cutting die, we chose a font that is very comfortable and pleasant. And what is the context of this card. Nowadays, life is not easy for everyone and we need to slow down and feel the beauty in our lives. Our lives are not just about family chores, not just about work, but beyond that, there should be poetry and faraway places. To become a person of great character, we must first learn to enjoy life. But enjoying life doesn't mean squandering it. If you can penetrate the meaning of it, you will understand that enjoying every time you wash the dishes, enjoying every day of work, everything in this world, is something to be enjoyed, is something that can be enjoyed. Change the mindset and everything changes.

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  • Maxine Ownby

    I’m looking for the word Love in cursive. Die cut. Do u have one?

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