Recommendation of Practical Items! (1)

In addition to the exquisite metal cutting dies and various materials, the production process of greeting cards cannot do without the help of a good cutting machine.

Cute candy color cutting machine----practical and convenient

This product has two sizes:

①Small- Pink: 19cm *11cm *7cm (7.48 inch *4.33 inch *2.76inch)

This size is suitable for smaller decorations and label frames.

②Large- Blue: 33cm *19cm *11cm (12.99 inch *7.48 inch *4.33 inch)

This size cutting machine is suitable for cutting background boards.

You can choose the suitable size according to your needs.

Product advantages:

①Leverage design. Convenient and simple operation。

②Foldable tray. Storage is quick and does not take up too much space.

③The handle can be grasped for easy fixation.

④A variety of gifts, including background paper, metal cutting dies (random gift) and tweezers kit!

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