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We have brought you several making tutorials about our cutting dies. I think it’s a good way to share the projects and tell you the way to work on these dies.

Today I will show you a rotatable board with some little stickers. Please follow me to work on this such interesting project.

In this process, I will use the “Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Baseball Cap and Adjustable Border” mold to make this project.

First of all, I will die out all the parts of cutting dies with handmade paper and a cutting machine. You can choose some colorful paper for the beret, background board, and turning disc.

I draw a mark on the vacancy place of the beret and middle of the turning disc with a gel pen. This is preparing for my next procedure.

I put a fan-shaped cutting die on the mark of the beret and die out the shape. After that, I stick some foam tapes behind the beret and paste it on the background board.

In the next important step, I stick a wire nail on the mark of the turning disc with a hot glue gun. And then, I can link all the parts together with this nail.

I decorate the turning disc with some beautiful stickers around it.

Then, I curve the wire nail with tweezers so that it will be more tenacious.

Finally, I stick some foam tapes behind the paper and paste it on white paper to cover the nail. The project is almost finished.

adjustable baseball cap die

There are some other styles of this cutting die. You can choose the stickers or the handmade paper as you like. Hurry up to make such an interesting project. Hope you have a nice day and best wishes to you.

Other works:

Video of the production process:


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Sticker Collection:

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