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Do you remember the last time we share about a 3D rose rectangle border? Valentine’s Day will be coming soon and the rose collection is the obviously best-selling cutting dies.

Today I will bring you another beautiful project about roses.

To make this project, I need the “Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Withered Rose Background Board” mold. Now follow me to create this wonderful cutting die.

Firstly, I use a white handmade paper and cutting machine to die out the rose. Then I use a scrapbook&card making paper to die out the same one.

I cut out the white paper rose in the middle with scissors.

After that, I color it with the marker pen. I use green for the root and blue for the flower. I use the navy blue marker pen to color the top of the flower to make it darker. The flower is in graduated color so that it looks like a real rose.

Then, I use the blue ink pad to paint on the root. I color the border of the root with dark green pen as the rose’s thorn.

I use the blue gel pen to color the little petals.

Next, I paste the English word scrapbook paper inside the folded white paper with the craft glue. I use the paper cutting machine to cut the extra paper on the edge.

The most important step is to fold the rose inside so that it has a 3D effect. Then I paste the blue rose and petals on the paper. The project is almost finished.

Hurry up to make this card by yourself and send it to your sweetheart. I hope you like it and have a nice day.

Other works:

Video of the production process:


Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Withered Rose Background Board:

Kokorosa Large Size DIY Die Cutting Machine:

Kokorosa 50 Sheets 200g A3 Color Printing Paper Diy Handmade Paper:

Kokorosa 24PCS 6" Rose Scrapbook & Cardmaking Paper:

Kokorosa 30 Colors Marker Pen with Storage Bag:

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