Some Must-Have Dies Collected For You

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Are you looking for cutting dies or confused with choose cutting dies? I will help you solve this problem with this blog! Crafters can also give any suggestions to us by leaving your comments on this blog!

We need to create frames when making cards. There are different shapes of cutting dies you can choose. The basic shapes of cutting dies are circle, rectangle, square and some irregular. Basic cutting dies are good for creating panels, frames or windows. You may still feel confused about what I have talking about. Now, follow me and I will give some amazing dies and projects.

1.Circle Cutting Dies

The circle dies can be used to create different circle patterns. It looks simple but it is enough for you to get a basic pannel. As the following picture shows!

Kokorosa Cutting Dies With Circle Frame Set

If you want to create a lollipop, circle dies will be the essentials you need.

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Lollipop

You may also want to creat circle bookmarks. Get the following one!

Kokorosa House Circle Stacked Cutting Dies

2. Recatangle Cutting Dies

Using differt sizes of redctangle frames can help you enrich your design. We often provides some basic dies sets for crafters, which indicates that basic dies are really deserve to get. Why you miss it?

Kokorosa Footprint Frame Metal Cutting Dies

Kokorosa Stitched Rolls Backdrop Metal Cutting Die

3. Word Dies

Word dis can be adhere to you cards or scrapbooks. It can become a title for yor cards. We can choose different word dies to highlight the theme of cards. There are different word dies you can get, such as alphabet dies and stences dies. The following "Thank You" Dies decorate the floowing cards wonderfully!

Kokorosa Thank You Metal Cutting Dies

Word cutting dies sets are really great valuable! For instance, the following month word dies.

Kokorosa 12 Months Metal Cutting Dies

If you want to create words by yourself, the following alphabelt dies you will love! There are 26 alphabelts included in this set.

Kokorosa 26 Alphabets Metal Cutting Dies

4. Floral dies

Floral dies are one of essentials that crafters should have because the die cuts can be used as embellishments and also for flower making. You just need to choose your preferred flowers according to your design of cards.The following small petals are really fit for different kinds of cards.

Kokorosa 18 Size Flowers Metal Cutting Dies

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  • stella Burrington

    I am looking for a window frame with either 4 or 6 panes so I can put it over a scenic view background like I am looking out my house window. can be used either with any 4 season background. Just the frame die – no need for wizard stuff – like the harry potter one you have Thanks

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