As we all know, the handmade craft is a complex process and you will use many kinds of different tools when making projects. Today kokorosastudio will introduce some useful tools which can be used in cutting die making.

  • Magnetic Mat

For our first making skill, let us introduce you to the Kokorosa Checkered Magnetic Mat. This innovative cutting pad is made from a high-quality self-healing material. It is designed to be long-lasting when used with cutting tools. You can finish all the works on the mat and can avoid damaging the table while cutting the project. It’s a very useful tool during the process of cutting die making.

  • Mini Cutting Machine

The cutting machine is the indispensable tool to die out the project. Maybe some people think that the general machine is too big and inconvenient. Let us look at the Kokorosa Mini Die Cutting Machine DIY Embossing Dies Tool. It’s smaller and has the same function as the other cutting machines. You can use it to die out some small parts of the project.

  • Stamp and Die Storage Case Albums

I have to say that Stamp and Die Storage Case Albums is a wonderful thing that can help you to clean up all of the cutting dies. The cutting dies are very thin. And it’s also very easy to be broken. Here is the way you can avoid these problems. We have different specifications for the album and you can choose the one you need.

  • Mini Hot Glue Gun

The mini hot glue gun is different from ordinary glue. Although it’s not very simple to use it, you can stick the cutting dies more firmly. Like making the earrings or other decorations can use this tool.

  • Kokorosa 30/40/60/80 Colors Oily Double-headed Marker Pen With Storage Bag

Sometimes I use white or black paper as the main color of the project. It may be too simple. So that you need the marker pen to color it and can make different styles of the projects. We have four specifications to choose from and also have the storage bag.

Here are all the crafting tools I will introduce to all of you. I hope it can help you with cutting die making and can get the ideal tools in kokorosastudio. Wish you have a nice day!

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  • Maureen

    Do you sell refill pages for the stamp and die storage Album?

    What is the difference between the style 1,2 and 5?

    Thank you

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