Special Recommendation: Animals Collection

Hey!My old friends~

I know most of you will meet a problem when shopping online. You may be thinking that there are so many cutting dies you can choose, but you still do not know what elements you can put when making cards. Today,I will choose some lovely animal dies from kokorosa. Hope it will help you!

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with A Row of Cats:https://bit.ly/3E9mGEX

Kokorosa Love Dog Footprint Cutting Dies https://bit.ly/3e5sNj1

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Polar Animals:https://bit.ly/3miCe3h

Kokorosa Lovely Cat Metal Cutting Dies https://bit.ly/3IXdk2Z

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Sea Fish https://bit.ly/3FbTdvn

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Deer Silhouette https://bit.ly/3qaQXyj

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies with Naughty Pandas:https://bit.ly/3GYk8M0


  • Gail Piper

    I wish there were instructions/illustrations/etc on how the “row of cats” die is to be used. It doesn’t cut at the bottom — is it for the top of a page? the bottom? Also, the eyes and nose cut out completely. Gluing them back in is far too much fussy work — especially those noses. Any tips on keeping them in the design or are they meant to be totally cut out. Thank you in advance.

  • Roberta A Hudson

    I am trying to find the lady bug dies I saw here recently. It had 2 or 3 different bugs and wings in one set. I love it. thanks…Bobbi.

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