Special Recommendation: Flower Cutting Dies


It's time to give everyone to some popular cutting dies in Kokorosa Studio!

I know we usually express our love and warm wishes by giving flowers to someone. However, please don't forget to prepare flower decorations for yourself. Kokorosa wish you always have a nice day after receiving these wonderful flower cutting dies!

The following cutting dies may give you some inspiration if you have no ideas about which floral cutting dies you can choose.

Cutting Dies with Eight-petal Flower: https://bit.ly/3F3cijy

Cutting Dies with Daisy Lace Background Board: https://bit.ly/3p0jPKr

Metal Cutting Dies with Twin Roses: https://bit.ly/3oWDY3T

Metal Cutting Dies with Hollow Blooming Roses: https://bit.ly/3dWUmLG

Metal Cutting Dies with Abundant Flowers: https://bit.ly/3pW5yO2

Metal Cutting Dies with Flowers Gift Box: https://bit.ly/3p0phgn

Thanks for your reading!

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