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There are so many stunning dies you can choose nowadays. You may need help when making cards and scrapbooks. We are very glad to help everyone who loves crafts, so I will talk about more details you should know when making cards. We hope to help you avoid some mistakes in the process of making crafts.

First of all, you need to know about something information about cutting machines. Most of crafters have one manual cutting machine. It will help you die out patterns quickly. It is not difficult for you guys because it likes a process of making sandwich, but you are probably meet some problems when using machine. Sometimes, you can get machine instruction from machine manufactures if you buy a machine. If you get the instruction, you can begin to your craft trip according to the machine instruction. It will help you understand how this machine works. And I will also remind you some important steps in this bolog.

The main way of using machines is running the sandwich through the machine and take out and rotate the die for a complete and clean cut. You can always run your design through the machine again if it didn’t cut all the way through.

And then carefully remove the cut out shape from the die using a poke tool. You can use the end of a fine needle pushed into a cork if you don’t have that one.

In addition, you need to choose different machines according to different dies. For beginners, it’s important to figure out which die cutting machine bests suits your hobby or craft. Cutting dies of Kokorosa can be used with most of machines.

After getting patterns, you can use it to decorate your cards now. Adhering your patterned to the paper with doubled sided adhesive. You may need liquid glue to add some decorations on the cards. For card making, we recommend a super sticky permanent adhesive roller and a liquid adhesive for more stubborn embellishments (you may use sequins, seed beads, etc.). We also provide different kinds of adhesives.

You need to use some colouring supplies when you want to get amazing projects. Whether you want to make cards or scrapbooks. You will need to get some colour in your cards. Marker pens is good choice for you.

That's all today I want to talk about. Hope you enjoy reading this blog.

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