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Actually, Valentine’s Day will be coming soon. It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about creating Valentine's cards and gifts for your loved ones.

At Kokorosastudio, we believe that handmade valentines day cutting dies can show the love.

Of course, there are many elements can represent this exciting day. The most obvious are heart dies and word dies.

Let me introduce these two kinds of dies in the following text.

Heart Dies

It’s a 3D cutting dies which has the shape of heart. After you die out the red colored heart, you need to fold it and paste on the background paper. Nothing can express the sincere feelings except a truly heart.

This cutting die is the combination of lock and heart. So it means the inseparable relationship between the couples. There are two parts about this die so that you need to use a little component to connect them together.

It is consist of stackable heart-shped frame. You can make it into the border of the card. Moreover, you can also make it in different size heart and write love phrases on it.

This die is the heart with mechanism clock inside. Sometimes the clock is a special gift and it symbolize the elapsed time. Maybe the best relationship between the couples is to accompany each other.

After sharing these pretty heart-shaped dies, there is another main element in valentine’s day. Of course, that’s the love word dies.

Word Dies

The love you phrase means so many feelings and emotions. There will always have quarrel in the daily life between the couples. However just in a word can reduce a lot of displeasure. That is “I love you”. You can put this word die on the cover of the card and in different colors to express your feeling.

This is the Valentine word with little hearts. I think that pink is really good for the background of the project. Because this color means sweet and pure. That’s what means in a nice love affair.

The love die is more simple than the other two dies. However it can also show a truly feeling. You can paste the word on the cover and stick some flowers or character dies to be the decorations.

It’s really romantic about this phrase. The world think is not as obvious as loving you, but is more deep and sincere.

That’s all the cutting dies I share with all of you. Wishing you find something like and having a nice day.

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