The Guide for Beginners

What is card making?

Card making likes a creative handmade journey. You can use cutting dies to put your wanted patterns onto cards. It is not easy for everyone to create a nice card because you will meet different problems when making cards, but you will feel happy and satisfied after you create a nice project.

Giving cards on some special days is a good way to celebrate. However, creating cards by yourselves will be more meaningful for the people who you want to express wishes. I believe that person will feel your sincerely wishes.

What we need?

There are lots of essential things that we need to prepare before making cards. I believe you can quickly start to your craft trip after reading the blog.

The cardstock paper is the background of your cards, which will decide the main colour of your cards. Therefore, it is important for you to choose suitable paper. There are different colours and thickness of cards you can choose, which depends on the theme of cards you want to make.

It is a perfect tool to help crafters cut out their wanted shapes easily and quickly. It is also suitable for makers from beginners and experts.

You will need to use the tape to stick your designs. You can try different tape in the begining.

You will use Die Picks, scissors when making cards. Die pick can help you get a clean result.

How to make cards?

Firstly, you need to decide what occasions you want to create by this card. It will effect the choices of cardstock paper.

Secondly, you should think what elements you want add into this card. It likes a designing process. For the beginners, we suggest you can choose Background Board to create cards. It will be easy for you to create cards as beginners.

Thirdly, there are different Decorations you can choose to make your cards look better. In addition, coloured pencils will also help you let your cards look amazing. After deciding the main cutting dies and decorations you want to use, you can try to layout on the paper to check the whole designing. It will help you make less mistakes when making cards.

How to get inspiration?

You can get lots of nice inspiration by viewing kokorosa product pages, kokorosa Facebook, and Youtube of Kokorosa. We will share some good projects and tutorials with card making fans.

What themes of cards you can make?

  • Valentine’s Day
  • New Year
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Thank you
  • Graduation Celebration
  • Missing you
  • Wedding Day

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