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Hello guys and welcome to Kokorosa Studio. There are various of cutting dies offered on our studio. At the same time, lots of supplies are prepared for crafters. Great supplies are essential for making fabulous projects. I hope all of you can bring your liked supplies away from kokorosa.

Cardstock is often used for making layers when crafters create a wide variety of projects. Cardstock is usually stronger than regular paper, so it is usually used for invitation, greeting cards. There are different kinds of cardstock you can choose, but some crafters will have confusion when choosing cardstock. If you do not know which paper you should choose, I will help you solve it today! Firstly, do you know how many kinds of paper for crafting?Plain cardstock, glitter cardstock, metallic cardstock,pearlescent cardstock, textured cardstock, vellum cardstock and patterned stock are the main paper that we can see from crafter shops.

Kokorosa studio provides some kinds of these paper and patterned cardstock is the most popular. Let me show you some advantages of patterned cardstock. Patterned card stock can add the perfects touch for your cards. In addition, it can be used to on the front cover of of cards, and also can be used when you need to get patterned border. What’s more, patterns of this paper are vary widely. You can get simple patterns and detailed pictures. Our studio offer hundreds of cardstock for you, including floral patterns, ink patterns and patterns related to festivals as the following pictures show.

Except patterned cardstock, plain stock is also commonly used in cardmaking. Many crafters buy lots of black or white plain cardstock used as bases and it can hold your decorations that you want to add to your cards, for example, sentiments. In addition, you can emboss your wanted patterns on plain cardstock. Plain cardstock is deserve to get! Get plain cardstock now!

Glitter cardstock will help you add little sparkly elements to your cards and it will be essential when you prepare some important occasions, such as wedding, anniversary occasion. If you want to create a striking visual appearance and elegant touch. It will be a perfect choice for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions about paper, you can contact us with email. If you have some good projects and want to share with us. Please email to us and you may get surprising gifts!

Hope this blog will help you create more nice projects. Thanks for your reading! Have a great day!

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  • ann hand

    Hi i just received 3 of your metal cuts. finally got it to work with my cuttlebug. My ? is when i want to make several patterned papers in the star burst metal and the similar ray die cut…
    do i have to put the swatches of paper thru the cuttlebug the second time thru. Cant find the demo on fb anymore.

    Also what type of glue are you using to glue on those fine lines?

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