Tutorial: Arm Silhouette Cutting die

There is this proverb in China. A chopstick can easily be broken, but a handful of chopsticks is very difficult to break. This is a very obvious truth. There is strength in numbers. There is still a limit to the heights an individual can reach after all, so when we need to become more powerful, uniting together is a very effective way to do so. In fact, sometimes I can also understand from this proverb some of the reasoning behind our making cutting die. In fact, the cutting die came about so that we could make more difficult cards. But the making of the card itself, its purpose is to share, a kind of communication.

Cutting die is social

I often wonder if I would try to make more nice cards if I lived in an environment or social environment where no one would touch cutting die as a field. I don't think so. But if I am in a place where people around me have a greeting card culture, then I can share the cards and give those to my friends, and my friend will take the time and effort to make her cards for me. Yes, it's social.

Cutting die is a culture

We define communicators and receivers in our culture, and Cutting die is no different. When we are in a social situation, we are the recipients of this culture. We are enjoying the dividends that this culture brings us. But the expansion and systematization of culture requires a transmitter. Just as the presence of a book reader leads to the birth of a book buyer, kokorosa, can be a cultural evangelist for everyone to enjoy this culture. We will keep learning what style and what theme of cutting die people like in this current cutting die social group, and we turn it into reality so that everyone can apply them to their own cards. And this relationship between us as the purveyor and the recipient is actually a necessary factor to drive the continuous development and expansion of this culture.

Arm Silhouette Cutting die

The advantage of arm silhouette cutting die is that it is not simply a die that cannot be combined or changed. When you use it, it can be used not only as one hand, but two hands holding each other to make a friendship. Also can be many hands together, to achieve a collective.

Of course, such a card is relatively less difficult to make.

All we need is a cutting machine, some coloring paint or markers, and liquid glue.

Of course, if we want to make it a little more sophisticated, we can also try using different colors of cardstock, embossing folders and clear stamps (this is more advanced).

Step1: We need to use the cutting machine to cut out the number of hands you need.

Step2: When our subject is not an individual but a group, limited consideration is given to silhouettes when coloring, as silhouettes will not highlight the individuals in them but will instead make all these elements a whole.

Step3: Place all the hand silhouettes in order on the cardstock and use liquid glue to fix them.

It is very easy to make a card like this. In fact, many cards are not complicated to make, but the design concept is very important. We need to make such a card to express what kind of a content, this should be the most important part of making cutting die craft.

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