Tutorial:Cool Drum Set Project


I'm glad to back here and share one tutorial video to you today! This project was created with Drum Kit Cutting Die. If you love music, I will highly recommend this die to you! Let’s see how to use it to make a amazing project.

Firstly, you need to get one Drum Cutting Die. This is a complete drum set, so it will be easy for you to design projects. In addition, the feature of this cutting die is the perfect details of connections of drums, which makes this die looks more perfect.      

Now, die-out drum set pattern with the cutting machine.

Then, use the die pick to get one clean drum pattern. Look, we get one cool complete drum set quickly.

Next, die-out the same pattern with yellow card stock and black card stock again, which is prepared for the following step.

Now, we ought to start to color this pattern. Firstly, we colour the drum crack with white colored pen.

Then adhere the golden colored hit hat to the to the same place.

And then adhere the pattern of bass drum to the same place. At the same time, colour it with white marker pen.  

The following step is about how to create the cool background of cards. We need to use watercolor paints firstly. Dip some paint onto white cardstock, then let the paint flow naturally on the card stock to get the rocky effect.

Finally, use heater to fix the pattern. We can add various colors onto this card to make this background looks more colourful and cool.

Next, adhere the whole background to the black card stock and use paper machine to cut out the extra paper.

Then, the drum set should be adhered to the background with double foam adhesive. Finally, the sentiment “ wishes” can be added to the corner of card.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact with us by email. We will help you solve problems as soon as possible. We also very glad to see your nice projects shared with us.

Thanks for your reading today! Hope you have a nice day!      

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