Tutorial:How to Make a Treasure Map

Hello, Kokorosa's friends!

We meet again! When we were kids, we all imagined that by chance we could get a treasure map with the location of the treasure, right? Today I'm going to bring you this cutting die, which is somewhat similar to the treasure map. I also hope that through such a cutting die, you can recreate the childhood dream. If we are now parents, so when your children are playing the pirate captain to find the treasure, you can help your children feel the happiness of childhood by making a card like this. Perhaps when they grow up, and then recall this event, they will know that this is the parents teasing them. But the joy will remain in their minds for a long, long time.

Okay, let me take you through some of the inspiration and methods to make a card using Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Ancient Scroll!

First of all, we need to prepare some materials to make the card, we can first look at the following chart. We will need cardstock, handcraft scissors, tweezers, markers, liquid glue, and sponge daubers.

Step 1: We will first press the design of this ancient scroll out of the white cardstock by using a cutting die machine.

Step 2: Use a brown marker to color this scroll.

Step 3: Put a slogan in the middle of this cutting die

Step 4: Choose a piece of cardstock suitable enough to serve as a background for this card. We can use one with a map because it will make the finished product more like a treasure map.

Step 5: You can use sponge daubers to give a darker color to the border of this card.

Step 6: We can put a small peg in the top right corner of the card and press the pointed end of the peg to flatten it to the back of the cardstock to keep it secure and hold it beautifully.

Step 7: Tie a string on the small peg. The choice of this string can not be too smooth, need to have that burr good to create a sense of old.

Step 8: In the four corners of the card can be glued to some small decorations, more can create a sense of mystery.

Step 9: Use a white marker to embellish the border of this card, and then a card full of mystery is complete!

Well, that's the end of today's tutorial. Such a card can be used not only for children around, in fact, as long as you like the retro style or like a more mysterious feeling, but you can also use this cutting die to make a card. After a little design, then a very beautiful card can be made. After seeing the card we made today, have you got some inspiration for what kind of card you want to make afterward? If not, then you can try to follow us with the cutting dies in your hands to make, the production of video tutorials I have put below. If you want to see with intuitive then you can click to see our video.

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Also, we have uploaded many tutorials on youtube and some great cutting dies works.


If you are a beginner, you can watch our youtube channel to learn more. If you are an advanced crafter, then you can also take a look at the great work shared to get inspired to make more beautiful cutting dies.

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