Tutorial:How to make Chubby Cats Card

Hi, crafty friends!

I'm back again! I'm so excited to be back this week to continue sharing the card-making tutorial with you for the dies that have recently arrived. Don't forget to update your craft boxes and join me in making such beautiful cards!

The card I am going to share with you is made with a chubby catty cutting die. This cat die can be used to make a gift for your loved one or your little one. How can someone hate such a cute cat? Let's see how you can use this die to make a wonderful card!

What you need to prepare for making this card:

Marker Pens

Liquid Glue

PVC Paper

Ink Pad

Curved Bent Tip Tweezers

Handcraft scissors

Cardstock paper

Sponge Daubers

How to make it:

Step 1: Use the little star decor cutting dies to make some small star-shaped decorations.

Step 2: Adhere the two white kitty patterns onto the black pattern. At this stage, you can use tweezers to help you put some small parts, such as cat ears. Glue them in the right place.

Step 3: Color the kitty with a marker. You can use a sponge dauber to shade the outline of the cat's edges.

Step 4: Adhere the purple patterned cardstock to the PVC paper. If you need a pattern you can use an embosser and a round frame die to make it.

Step 5: Attach a label paper to the bottom middle part of the purple paper, you can bring a blessing to the person you are making the card for.

Step 6: Glue the two little cats onto the card in the way you like

Step 7: Adhere the little stars you made at the beginning onto the background.

Congratulations! That's it, a beautiful card is done!

Making cards is a patient-needed job. When we make cards, we can have time to slow down our life and feel the joy of making cards. We can also imagine with happiness how excited and happy the person who will receive the carefully prepared card will be when they receive it. Of course, cards can also be given to us. Everyone needs to be warmed in life, and only those who can warm themselves can better warm others in life. So before you make a card to give to a friend, make a card to give to yourself first.

Our website has recently added some cute animal cutting dies. These dies can be used to make cards directly or can be some decorations on the cards. If you are interested, you can enter our website to check out these new arrival cutting dies. I'm sure you'll get something!

I'll share some winter vibe cards in the next tutorial. Winter is approaching slowly and surely we need to stock up on cards for the winter.

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