Tutorial:How to Make Pine Cones Card

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I am back again! Christmas is approaching us gradually. Recently we have also put up some new arrival cutting dies about Christmas on our website. Today I'm here to give you a tutorial on making a Christmas atmosphere card by using Christmas cutting dies. Well, let's start now! Christmas is the holiday dedicated to winter! What colors can you think of when you think of Christmas? Of course, a very warm dark red color. Santa Claus is red and the Christmas gifts he brings to everyone are also wrapped in red, as well as the card I'm about to give you a tutorial on today, which also has a red tone to it. The overall shape of this card is inspired by Santa's Christmas gift box, so the red thread is used to tie the knots to create the feeling of a Christmas gift box.

Okay then, let's take a look at the project. This Cutting Die with pine cones background board card is a perfect interpretation of Christmas. The feeling of Christmas that anyone can imagine in their mind can be expressed in this card. When you need to send gifts and cards during Christmas, it is perfect to make a card like this. Relatives, children, or your loved ones in the family will be happy to receive such a card all winter long. So let me show you how this card is made!

What you need to prepare for making this card.


Marker Pens

Liquid Glue

PVC Paper

Ink pad

Cardstock Paper

Handcraft Scissors

Sponge Daubers

Curved Bent Tip Tweezers

Phrase Clear Stamps

How to make it:

Step 1: Start by using the Pine Cones Background Board die to create a border.


Step 2: Prepare a piece of Christmas-inspired red cardstock and attach the Pine Cones Background Board to this cardstock for cutting.


Step 3: Tie a bow using the red thread and then wrap two loops of red thread around the cardstock to create the appearance of a gift box. Then attach the bow to the red thread.


Step 4: Adhere the cardstock to the stamped background cardstock.


Step 5: Stick some blessings or words in the card's blank space.


Step 6: Add a red background card to the card with red backing.


Step 7: Add some small decorations on the front of the card to enrich the content of the card.


Now a card with a Christmas atmosphere is finished. Of course, this is only my idea of a Christmas card. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Each of us can make our own unique Christmas card. I hope that after reading this article, you can have some inspiration in making your cards.

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Do you still have cards that you don't know how to make and would like to know how to make them? If so, please leave me a comment below! I will read every comment carefully! If there's anything else you'd like to see, just let me know and I'll put it on my schedule! In the meantime, I'll share some great card creations in my next blog, so hopefully, you'll get some inspiration from them.

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