Tutorial:How to make Wooden Door Dies

The season we are in is winter. And winter is also known as the season with the most holidays. Both Eastern and Western cultures identify the beginning of the year (what we call the solar and lunar calendars) as being located in winter. So, to celebrate the New Year in the West and also in the East, there was an inspiration that gradually unfolded in my brain. Yes, that's right, to make a card with both Eastern and Western New Year's items.

I think that such a card is very impressive. So today I hope to bring you a tutorial on how to make Wooden Door Metal Cutting Dies.

Wooden Door Metal Cutting Dies

I was very impressed with this cutting to die. When our studio was choosing the style of the cutting die, I quickly settled on a door that leaned towards the ancient Chinese style. It would give me a more vintage feeling. When I was designing a card with such an East-meets-West theme, my first choice was this card. I also planned to add some Christmas cutting die elements to this card, which represents the New Year in Western countries. I also searched for the Christmas plant, mistletoe, in the plant cutting die. Legend has it that two people under the mistletoe must kiss each other. Also prepared a Christmas tree-cutting die. you can look at Christmas-themed cardstock when making it, some of the patterns can be cut down and used directly.

Steps for the realization of my ideal card.

Step 1: First prepare some knives that you need to prepare later. I'll give you a summary, or you can just look at this picture below if it's too much trouble. We need Marker Pens, Liquid Glue, PVC Paper, Ink Pad, Cardstock Paper, Handcraft Scissors, Sponge Daubers, Curved Bent Tip Tweezers, and Phrase Clear Stamps.

Step 2: Take out the Christmas cutting die that we prepared about western culture. I took out the already made one on my side, you can try to use some more different cutting die.

Step 3: Use the cutting machine to cut out two gates with black cardstock first, and then cut out two gates with red cardstock. And this Wooden Door Metal Cutting Dies have some relatively small similar sticker accessories, these can be made with gold cardboard.

Step 4: This step is the coloring, we just cut out the cardstock color is relatively bright and new, but if we need Chinese, we need to make the composition of this card become a little bit of historical weight, so we will give it some shading.

Step 5: Cut out the cardstock border of the red door and stick it on the black cardstock, again to add this feeling of history and culture.

Step 6: Attach it to a white background cardstock that represents the white snow in winter. If you think it is monotonous to use white cardstock directly, you can try embossing the folder to make the card more patterned.

Step 7: Paste Christmas-related accessories on each blank space of the card.

Presentation of inspiration.

Next, I'll give you some work that I think is still better. Although it feels like it is more difficult to surpass this card that I explained to you above in terms of creativity.

I think everyone's vision and taste in cards are still relatively high. I hope you can use the cutting die in your own hands, and then with a slight design, you can make these little silvery-white metal iron pieces exude charm.

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