Tutorial:Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Three Puppies

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In this tutorial, I will make a card using Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Three Puppies. I am sure most of you will agree that dogs are great companions for humans. Not only because they are very cute, but also because they are loyal. So out of my love for puppies, I came up with the idea for this blog to showcase a dog theme cutting die. It's a great addition to any of your creative cards, and you can use it to make beautiful cards for your family and friends. Or if you are attending a dog owner's party, you can prepare some of these cards, which are very timely. Not only will your dog be the center of attention, but you will also be the center of attention when you give the card to everyone.

Before you make a card like this, you can prepare some equipment. If you don't have everything you need yet, you can just go to the kokorosa cutting dies website and pick up the products you need.

Now, let's start our production here has three dogs cutting dies. Here we got these three dogs. Don’t forget the ears, nose, or eyes. Later we will put them together.

Color these three dogs with this gray marker. Take out the double-sided adhesive, and stick it on the back of the dog’s head. Put the ears, nose stuck on the dog’s head. And now we finish the first dog.

So for the second dog, I will use a brown color.Use the highlight pen on the little dog's head and then we finish the second one. 

Lastly, we also need to color the dog. Take out the black marker pen. Stick every part together. 

Add three boards to this white paper. And let these three dogs in this board.

Stick this board on the top. So the last step I will add a clear stamp. Admire the white paper on the colored paper. 

Using a cutting die to make a card is a real luxury in today's world. We need to spend time and effort on it and it's not nearly as convenient as sending a message on a mobile phone. I suppose though it's not as beautiful and ornate or convenient as on a mobile phone, we still take the time and effort to make it, it is all this that makes a card made from a cutting die all the more precious.

If you want to make more and more beautiful cards you need a more comprehensive kit. You can browse our website for the new arrival cutting dies or the best-selling cutting dies. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for on our website!

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You can also check out our videos. We hope you will enjoy our video page's many tutorials on making cutting dies. See you next time!

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