Tutorial Of Easter Projects

Easter Day is on the way now! Do you start to prepare something for easter day?
Bunnies, colourful eggs are the mainly classical patterns that crafters will used when making projects. Today, I will show you two popular easter cutting dies to you in order to help you prepare your easter day! The two cutting dies I will mention in this blog is easter egg die and layered easter eggs die.

Let's start from the layered easter eggs die. There are four different patterns of easter eggs in the set. You can use them separately and also can conmbine them togeter. We provide you a ceative idea for making full use of these four dies. I will show you the process of making this layered cards. To make this cards, you need to prepare differnt colours of cardstock paper and we suggest that these colours should belong to the same colour family.

Step 1:Using the cutting machine to cut out the different patterns of easter eggs with the same size of paper

Step 2: Making the holder to place ther four patterns of cards. You need to fold the cardsock paper like the following picture shows and you need to prepare two. Then cutting die out the pattern of the biggest eggs on this paper. Next, cuts the patterns of bunnies with scissors. Leaving some grass patterns on this cardstock.

Step 3: Decidng the places of paper you want to put in advance to make sure the whole design of this card.

Step 4: Adhere foma tapes on the inner side of holder. And adhere them together with glue.

Step 5: Insert the cards between the gaps of the double-sided tape.

Now, We have finished the beautiful project.

The Seconde one I will show you is the Easter Eggs Die. There are different sizes of easter eggs in this set. We hope to show you more possible creative ways of our cutting dies.

Step 1: Cutting die out one of the egge pattern and stick the adhesive on the back side of the paoer. Making sure that the adhesive cover all the pattern of the egg.

Step 2: Using a tweezer to to poke this pattern lightly and pressing the pattern slowly. Now we can see the traces of eggs on the paper.

Step 3: Clouring the easter egg with alchol markers. It depends you to choose whatever you want to have.

Step 4: In oreder to get better cards, you can use ink to colour the card.

Step 5: Cutting die out the the same pattern again. Then colour the corners of this card with ink pad. Using paper cutting machine to cut out the extra paper.

Step 6: Cutting out one blackground board. Then adhere the two cards together now.

Step 7: Adding words onto the card now.

The above projects are the all I want to show you today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. In addition, you can aslo share your nice projects with us, you can also leave your comments right now! Hope you enjoy reading this blog. See you! Have a nice day,guys!

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