Tutorials: American Flag and Door-shaped Cards

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I will share two making tutorials with you today. These two cutting dies are the latest cutting dies from Kokorosa studio. Hope you will like them! 

Frame cutting die is one of popular cutting dies in our shop. We use the Door-shaped Cutting Dies to make this project today.

We need to use the cutting machine to die out this pattern. You can choose manual one. The Electric cutting machine also will be another good choice! And we died out the frame pattern on the white card stock.

Then stick another transparent paper to the door pattern. Don’t forget to use this craft carving knife pen to help you get clean pattern quickly. After that, cutting out the extra paper using scissors.

Next, we started to colour this pattern. Colouring the frame of door using blue marker pen.  

To finish the following step, we prepared some nice scenery pictures to decorate the hollow parts of frame. Then adhering another frame with this one together.

Finally, we need to adhere the frame to the white background board. And used one word stamps to get the sentiment of card.

The second project is created with the Pentagram American Flag. How to use this star to make a celebration card for the American Independence Day?

Die out the small star firstly, and we got two patterns.

Then adhere the star frame to the complete star pattern using liquid glue.

Next, coloring the star frame with red color marker pen. And we can use black ink to create old-fashioned effect.

After that, we need to use dark blue to color the corner of the star, and stick it to the corresponding place.    

Then adhering the finished star to the white card stock. Cutting out the extra white paper with crafting knife pen, so we can get the white edge.

Now, we should prepare one star pattern background previously. At the same time, using paper cutting machine to cut one triangle border.

Next, preparing one red rectangle paper and cut the paper into strips. And then adhere them to one white background. In addition, using machine to cut the extra paper again.

Then putting the star border on the paper, and we can using crafting knife pen to cut the part of strips according to the edge of the border.

Using brown marker pen and blue marker pen to make a better effect.  

Finally, we only need to paste the small star to this background.

It’s time to say goodbye. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us by email. We will help you solve your problems as soon as possible.  Welcome to share your fancy projects with us! Let more crafty frineds to get more inspiration!

Thanks for your reading! Hope you have a nice day!

Here are the two compelete tutotials video:

American Flag Die:

 Door-shaped Frame Dies:  

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