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I’m so happy to see you again! I have felt cold when I woke up in the morning and started to wear cozy sweater recently. And when I listened to the Last Christmas song from my phone, I knew winter is coming and Christmas is coming! It should be the best time to make some nice crafts for Christmas! Different seasons will bring us various ideas about card making. There are so many beautiful elements we can add to our cards in the new season, such as the cute snowman, white snowflakes, the kind santa claus and more. I will give you some projects to start your Christmas journey previously!

  1. Christmas Hat Label Cutting Die

Christmas Hat is one of the decorations we can use when making Christmas cards. There are mainly four parts included in this dies set, for example, the hat, the circle Christmas tree frame one belt and one label. You may get confused about how to create the following project. Don’t worry about it. I will show you some steps to help you!

Step1: Die out the label pattern and adhere the double adhesive to the paper. 

Step2: Then die out left patterns on different colored paper. You need to prepare red paper, black paper, blue paper and golden mirror paper.

Step3: Coring the label pattern with the black marker pen and adhere it to the blue one with liquid glue. In addition, coloring the edges of the label with dark blue ink pad.

Step4: Combine all the elements together! Firstly, adhere the hat to the label. Then, stick the belt pattern to the label.

Step5: Cut out the Christmas tree pattern.

Step6: Add some colors to the tree and we used golden color to decorate the circle frame.

Step7: Finally, we just need to put the finished Christmas label and the tree on the white background.

  1. Wine Glass Cutting Dies

This is one of the most popular Christmas cutting dies released on September. The combination of lovely Christmas hat and glass wine is so unique. The two elements both make us hope to celebrate Christmas with family members immediately!

  1. Christmas Bell Cutting Dies

The ring of bells announces the arrival of the season! We often hear the ring of bells on winter celebration days, so you can’t miss out on it! Add the nice bells to the cards now!

  1. Christmas Reindeer Sled Cutting Dies

This is suitable for making cards sent to children. I guess that children will imagine a scene that the kind santa claus is busy for bringing gifts to each child by sleds on the Christmas eve. Therefore, you can create one card with this die. I believe children will be happy when receiving this card.

Well. The above dies are all the items I want to share with you today! If you have any questions, Please contact with us! We hope more fans to share nice cards with us! Let’s communicate with each other! If you like this blog, leave your comments on the below!

Thanks for your reading! Have a nice day!

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