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Hello~Sweet crafty friends

I’m so glad to come back here to share projects with you again! The theme of today's blog is Halloween. Halloween is coming! Have you begun to prepare to make cards for celebrating Halloween? I’m going to show some tutorials related to halloween projects. Hope to provide some nice inspiration for you! Let’s start now!

1. Spooky Animals Cutting Dies

This project is created with the valuable halloween cutting dies set which includes the cute cat, the bat and the spider patterns. The following steps will help you know the whole process of making this card.

Firstly, die out all patterns on the black stock paper using mannual cutting machine.

Then, coloring the cute cat. We prepared one white paper and put the cat pattern on the paper, and then colouring the eyes on the paper.

Then, adhering the paper and cat together. After that, cutting the extra paper.

We can add some other halloween decorations to the card, such as the pumpkin pattern and the cute ghost.

We also can add the phrase”Happy Halloween” to the card. And we colour it using yellow marker pen.

Then preparing one purple card stock as the background of this card. We used the ink to darken the color of the sides.

Next, we need to adhere all the elements to this background. In addition, we add another yellow paper as the bottom background, which perfectly decorate the edges of this card and make this card looks more lighter.

In addition, we add some cute little stars to this card to decorate the whole scene.

2. The Ghost Cutting Dies

You will get one cute ghost and different faces of ghost. How to use it to create the card? There are some key steps to guide you.

The first step is using different coloured paper to die out various of faces. You can choose some representative colors, such as orange, black and dark purple.

The crafter used ink to colour the lovely pumpkin pattern.

Then we adhered faces to different colored paper together.

After that, we started to prepare one circle decoration, which will be used in the following steps.

In addition, we prepared one brown paper and one decoration stripe.

Then, we can adhere all patterns to the paper.

Finally, we planned to use these faces create some balloons, so we drew some lines as the strings of balloons.

Have you get inspiration with the two projects? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by sending email. Welcome more friends share your fancy projects with us! You will get surpringsing gifts!

Thanks for reading today's blog! Wish you have a good day!

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