Tutorial: Improving skills with creating snowman cards

Hello~Crafty friends

Happy Halloween day! I know you are celebrating this holiday! I will continue to introducing new cutting dies with you today! We will show you some skills about making cards, so do not miss out this learning chance.

Look here, this snowman is saying “hi” to you! Christmas will arrive after two months. Have you make any plans for this important holiday? If you have no ideas, I can offer you a good idea! How about making snowman cards and using them to invite your family members or friends to gather at your home? We can write some wishes for the coming new year on each card!

I will teach you some skills for making this snowman card. The first one is how to make patterns look three dimensional. We can die out two same patterns when making cards, for example, we can die out two same gloves, boots and other decorated patterns, then adhere theme together. In addition, we can use coloring tools to create three dimensional effect. You can see that we added a little bit darker colors to the edge of red scarf to strengthen the effect.

Secondly, it may difficult to draw lines on the small space, but we can draw some slim lines with dark red or brown pens before coloring. It will avoid different colors mixed together when coloring the scarf pattern.

After finishing the snowman part, we need to prepare create background of this card. There is a good way to help you create one nice forest scene. We used different thicknesses of double-sided foam tape to create an effect that makes some trees look close to us and some trees are in the distance. In order to create snowy scene, We embossed the snow pattern on the outside frame. At the same time, we created accumulated snow effect on this card using the highlight pen. Finally, we want this snowman help us bring good wishes to people, so we added on sentence to the card. We hope this lovely snowman can make you feel happy today!

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