Tutorials:Newest Lovely Animals Dies


It's time to show some tutorials for you! There are many new cutting dies launched this week. I’m going to share three animal cutting dies with you!

The first project is one swan pattern card. You can use the two swans cutting dies to make the same card. The following instructions may help you!

Firstly, die out the elegant swans using the cutting machine. Then, draw the mouth of swans with marker pens.

Next, preparing some decorations for the card. Choose some little flowers and painting them with yellow marker pens.

In addition, we need to prepare one floral lace circle pattern and two different circle patterns. Don’t forget to prepare one white card stock. We need to add all the patterns to this white paper.

Adhere the three circle patterns together using double foam adhesive. Then adhere the swans to the circle pattern.

After that, adhere these yellow mini followers and blue leaves to the card, which make this card look more colorful.

The second project is created with the Koala on the Tree Cutting Die.

The first step is using mannual cutting machine to die out the cute Koala with black card stock.

Then repeating the first step, but we need to change the paper. In addition, we need to keep the complete koala pattern.

After that, adhere the adhesive to the back of koala and cut the extra paper using the scissor.

Next, coloring the white koala with marker pens.

After finishing coloring the koala, we can adhere the black koala frame to this pattern.

Then create one rectangle frame for the card. Choose one Kraft paper and square frame previously.

Use the die pick to leave scratches as marks. Use the paper cutting machine to cut the extra paper.

Use ink to create one sentiment for the card and we picked the word“You’re Amazing”

Decorating the corners of the card using liquid glue.

Adhere the koala and rectangle frame together with the double foam adhesive. Then adhere them to one paper again.

Add some leaves to the tree to make the card look better. There are hundreds of plants cutting die you can choose from Kokorosa!

Do you enjoy the tutorials I recommend to you today? We hope you could get some creative inspiration after viewing them. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us by sending email to us. We will help you solve problems as soon as possible. In addition, welcome all of you share creative projects with crafty fans. You will get surprising gifts!

Thanks for reading! See you next time! Wish you have a nice day!

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