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Hello, fans of Kokorosa Studio!

It’s time to share nice projects with you today! There are two projects guides recommended for you. One of the two cutting dies is an elegant foldable piano key, and another one is related to sailboats. Well, I can’t wait to show you the two wonderful projects with you.

To create this piano project, we need to use the piano keys cutting die. We need to prepare black and white cardstock paper to structure the piano keys.

Step1:Cut out two colors of piano keys with the cutting machine.

Step2:Stick the foam adhesive to the white one previously because we need to adhere the two pieces of paper together when step.

Step3:Fold the white paper according to the tracking of paper. You can use a die to pick to help you fold the difficult parts.

Step4:Cut out extra black paper with the cutting machine. Then cut out parts of the keys pattern with scissors as the following picture shows.

Step5:Fold the keys of the piano and you can lay it on the white paper to check it.

Step6:Adhere the black paper to the white piano keys with liquid glue.

Step7:Then adhere the piano keys to the black paper. Cut out the extra paper.

Step8:Add some decorations to this card. I choose one cute bird cutting die and one word die” grateful”

The next project is created with two sailboats cutting die. If your friends love sea and boats, they will love it.

Step1: Cut out the sailboats with the manual cutting machine. Die pick can help you quickly get clean sailboat patterns.

Step2: Draw some patterns with marker pens. You can choose your preferred colors, and we choose navy blue as the main color tone.

Step3: Adhere sailboats to one small card with a lighthouse pattern. You can also add some other elements of the sea to your cards.

Step4:Cut out some dark blue strips to increase the visual sense of the sea voyage. And stick them to another card. Then, we can combine it with our sailboats.

Step5: Decorate the card with thin twine and secure the string with double-sided tape on the back of the card.

Time flies so fast! It’s time to say goodbye. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending your questions to our e-mail. You can also leave your questions and email address below, and we will contact you. If you want to share your nice projects with us, you can also contact us at any time. Let more crafty fans see your projects.

Thanks for your reading today! Hope you have a good day!

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  • Kazia

    How do I find the bow making tutorial? Are they listed in alphabetical order somewhere?

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