Tutorials of Latest Cutting Dies

I'm so happy to see you again! I will recommend two newest cutting dies to you today! If you want to learn how to use the two cutting dies to create nice projects or want to get some inspiration from this blog. Follow me to enjoy this blog now!

The first project was created with a lovely animal set cutting dies. There are different kinds of animals included in this set, such as lovely fox, cute rabbit, and hedgehog. You can add all of these patterns to one card. You can also pick your wanted animals when making cards. I will show you how we use this cutting dies set.

Step1: Cut out these animal patterns with your cutting machine. If you want to get clear patterns quickly, you can use a die pick to help you.

Step2: Colour the paper with marker pens. Since hedgehogs have two different colors on them, I choose light and dark colors to show the differences in colors.

Step3: Adhere double adhesive tape to the back of the paper.

Step4: Draw some details of animals, such as eyes and hands. It makes these animals lively.

Step5: Stick elements to one piece of card paper. I add one mini stable and drinks to create a scene. Look, the hedgehog and the rabbit are enjoying their leisure drinking time.

Step6: Don’t forget that word cutting dies can also help you decorate your cards.

The next projects is created with Oblique Line Background Board.

Step1: Cut out the background with a cutting machine.

Step2: Stick the hollow line fame to the black rectangle of cardstock paper with liquid glue.

Step3: Cut out the extra-edged paper with scissors.

Step4: Get one floral cardstock paper. Adhere the separated paper to the floral paper with glue.

Step5: Place the separate paper in the same hollow patterns.

Step6: Repeat step5, the only difference is changing another cardstock paper.

Have you learn how to make this two projects?If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or leave your email address on the below and we will contact with you. If you want to share your wonderful projects with us, you can also contact us.

Hope this blog will help you create more nice projects. I wish all of you have a nice day. Thanks for your reading again.

The vdieo of two projects

Oblique Line Background Board

Lovely Animals Set

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