Tutorials of Popular Foldable Cutting Dies

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It's time to share tutorials with you. Today’s main cutting dies I want to show you are Foldable Wave Background Board and Foldable Wave Border. The two cutting dies are the newest popular stars in Kokorosa.The two shapes are simple but the foldable effects and brilliant edge design let you make wonderful cards easily. Many crafters want to create good-looking cards easily. These two dies will be your ideal choice, especially for beginners.

Now, I will guide you to create the two popular cards. Let's start with the foldable wave border firstly.

The first step is to choose two patterns cardstock paper, including one black and floral patterned cardstock paper. Then, use a cutting machine to cut out the wave border with the black cardstock paper. At the same time, cutting out the shape with another cardstock paper. After that, you need to cut extra paper with cutting paper machine.

Next, you need to fold this two background twice. Then sticking the black background board with another background together. In addition, it's time to prepare other decorations now. Adhering prepared small card to the rectangle black card quickly and sticking the card with another card which we have finished firstly with double tape.

What decorations you could add to your cards depends on the patterns of the background and the theme of this card you want to create. We choose the floral patterned background, so it will be better if we add butterflies onto our cards. In addition, words cutting dies will directly decide the theme of your cards. Look, we have finished the project.

The second card is created with a foldable wave background board. The difference between this cutting die and the first cutting die is you will get multiple dies in one set.

The first step is needed to cut out the background. Then, we can put the left dies on one cardstock paper together and get different patterns by using the cutting machine.

Next, we will need to fold the background according to the vertical stripes on paper.

And sticking the separate paper to the place as the following picture shows. The combination of different colours of background usually is very important when making cards. The yellow background matches the fresh flora patterns looks so amazing.

For enhancing the multiple of the cards, you can choose one mini flower die to decorate the card. And the word die is also necessary for this card. "Sunshine" will crate more imagination this card. Finally, use some "shiny gems" to decorate the edge of this card. Congratulations! You have got the same card now!

Thank you for your reading! Hope this blog is helpful for you! If you have any questions, leave your comments below. If you have some good projects and want to share them with us, you can contact us!

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  • Linda fennell

    Received folding cutting due (2pieces) that looks like a gate
    How do I use it?

  • Pam brown

    Im asking about the. One piece background. How do y.ou get that. My machi ne cuts out all the other
    pieces and does not leave a whole
    Background piece.

  • Pam

    How do you get the one piece that you fold.
    My machine keeps on cutting out the shapes not the solid piece.

  • Yolanda

    Por una amiga descubrí vuestra tienda , llevo en esto del Scrap muchos años, veo que tenéis mucho material muy interesante , si por un casual os interesa ver mis trabajos os dejo mi link de Instagram (@yolandaneska ) gracias

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