Hello Everyone~

The Valentine's Day will be coming soon. Today we will talk about Valentine's Gifting!

We couldn't be more excited for the Valentine's Day this year and a real highlight for us is not only creating gift wrap paper, cards and much more, but sharing our love for crafting with fabulous gifts.

This day is not only for the couples. We can bring the heart decoration card to the family of course the best friends as well.

For the couples, it's also a good day to expressing love. The love tree card and exquisite love frame is a wonderful choice.

These are some of our very favourite gifting ideas for you:

Kokorosa Lush Love Tree Metal Cutting Dies:

Kokorosa Love You Words Metal Cutting Dies:

Kokorosa Metal Cutting Dies With Cute Heart:

Kokorosa Foldable Truck Full of Love Metal Cutting Dies:

Kokorosa Princess and Gentleman Wedding Metal Cutting Dies:

kokorosa Pink Gifts Wrapping Paper (4 Choices):

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